Customer retention

Can American and European entrepreneurs benefit by using Asian client retention techniques? Most entrepreneurs understand that client loyalty is a key driver of profits of their businesses. Many entrepreneurs actually pay more attention to retaining clients than they do to obtaining new customers.

It’s frequently felt that it’s far more affordable to cultivate existing clients and sell more to them than it’s to seek completely new customers. There are various intriguing things small businesses are doing to retain their clients. A few of the Asian client retention techniques are especially interesting. As any successful entrepreneur knows, it may be hard work learning how to retain clients and keep them coming back. 

Customer retention is recommended

In Asia, retaining clients isn’t just important to profits, it’s also important in maintaining status in the community. Inexpensive Repair – To foster client loyalty, the owner of an Atunas sporting goods shop in Taipei, Taiwan tells his clients that he’ll stand by them if something goes wrong with a product. He feels that this is a service his clients may get that they can’t get from other sporting goods retailers. He tells the story of one client who’d owned an Atunas back pack for 7 or 8 years and brought it back to his store with a damaged front. 

He only charged this client $5.00 to fix the back pack, that was really not even enough to pay for the shipping costs for the repair facility. Changing Scenery – One strategy for keeping long term hotel clients is to periodically change the design of the hotel rooms. The management of the Shanghai La Vie Hotel has found it to be fairly inexpensive and quick to update the rooms in their hotel. In approximately two months they can change the design of 10 rooms in their hotel. To maintain strong client satisfaction, the rooms in this hotel are kept fresh and modern. 

A good relationship affects business revenue

In several cases whole theme of the rooms are periodically changed. Changing Menu – The owner of the Ding Jen Fong restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan decided that he’d continuously evolve his menu by periodically adding new items. His goal was to have many repeat clients and he felt that they expected to see new dishes every once in a while. He’s concerned that without new dishes clients will get tired of the old dishes plus they won’t keep coming back.

This successful restaurant owner is convinced that his continuously changing menu is one of numerous reasons his clients come back and bring their friends. Fast Service – Among the ways the Liu family retains clients for their strawberry farm in Shanghai, China is by providing extremely fast service. They may do that because their bakery clients are dealing directly with their farm as opposed to with a wholesaler.